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So, Christmas day has been and gone, and I now must return to the dreary non-Christmas grind, and with 2014 nearing it’s end, I decided to look back. This year has been an exceptionally busy one for me. I have done the first half of my A Level courses, I have begun my last year in Sixth form, and I have decided which Universities I want to go to and what my eventual future will be. 2014 has been a great; albeit busy, year for me. 

Well, for the most part, 2014 has been good. Not particularly memorable, but good. I look back on the year and I am thinking ‘I’ve achieved so much this year, but nothing really sticks out’. Sure, I did my AS Levels (and boy, did I do a classic job on those), and while doing them, I kind of felt like I was losing my edge a little. I know A Levels are a step up from GCSE’s, but the work load was killing me. Not to say that I got U’s, but I felt I could have done a better job overall. But fortunately that’s what Resits are for.

I also been discovering thing I likely wouldn’t have paid attention to in the past. Namely Attack on Titan. Over the last 6 months, I have been purchasing the Attack on Titan books, and now after getting 14 volumes, 5 spin offs and 1 guidebook containing all we know from the first 11 volumes (with added info) I can finally say that I am up to date on AOT. And like I said in my blog post, I love Attack on Titan, and the series is getting better. I like the direction it is going in, moving away from the action and adventure to a more subdued and gripping story where secrets are revealed. And I still love Mikasa. Though Levi is pretty cool too. I love psychos.

I have also made achievements on this blog. Over 200 posts in the last 2 years of operation, and I have gained a large amount of followers in that time. Mainly through discovering the tags, which has kind of put me on the map of WordPress, as well as advertising to my friends in a plea saying ‘LOOK WHAT I AM DOING! READ ME READ ME!’ and the likes. I have also began the globalisation of my influence around the world, by joining Facebook groups, and making many friends (mainly from the Americas). That’s right, kids. If You ask Me is worldwide.

But I think, looking back on it, 2014 will likely not be a memorable year for me. I look back on years and when I decide whether it is a good year or a bad year, I look back on the events that unfolded and decide what the year means to me. But this year has been pretty eventful AND uneventful. Nothing springs out to me that makes the year particularly good or bad. My 18th year was good, but my 19th year is going to be great. And your 18 in your 19th year, because you’re 0 in your 1st year.

This year has been more of a launchpad for 2015. A lot of things have been set up for 2015. I will have finally done all my A levels in 2015, and if I did good, I’d end up in a good University, doing the course I want to do.

I really am looking forward to next year. Everything this year has led up to what will come in 2015. I have 8 things I will be doing in 2015, either as resolutions or just things that will occur:

1. I am giving up Coca Cola and Sugary drinks. This is one of my new year’s resolution. The reason for this is that I am doing DRY JANUARY. Now, I don’t drink. It is a commonly known fact that I don’t drink Alcoholic beverage, but I do drink a lot of coke. Perhaps too much. I read an article about a woman losing 6 stone from quitting Coke. Now, I know she was doing it for longer than a month, and did a bit of exercise, but if I can do it for a month, and that increases my quality of life. Why not? Also, I am giving up Chocolate, to overcome that vice too.

2. I am joining the gym too. I am trying to lose weight, as being in the sixth form with a bistro has affected me negatively. I cannot blame anyone else, it was my own doing. So I am committing myself to going to the gym on a regular basis, not to lose a certain amount, just to be a little fitter. I want to lose enough so that at least people will notice. I may even start doing weights. For the aesthetic look of a muscle head.

3. Go out more. Leave the house, go on walks. See how far I can go. Meet friends. Pretty self explanatory.

4. Turning 18. The age of Adulthood. I hope to have a party, and I may write a special post to celebrate.

5. A-Levels. Then my time in College, and school will be over, meaning…

6. University. I want to study History and Politics on a Joint course. Hard, but I do like a challenge. University itself will be a challenge, but I am up for it.

7. Meet up with friends. I feel like I’ve been neglecting people,and that is something I want to change. Because friends are important to me, you know. I don’t need a girlfriend, I just need my friends.

8. My cousin giving birth. Now, unlike many people, I am pretty close to my extended family. We’re not small, but by no means are we huge. My cousin is having a Baby in February, around Valentine’s day, which is a good day to have a kid in my opinion. We reckon it will be a boy, but I don’t know. I want to be it’s Uncle Ben either way, because I want him/her to think I am the Rice mascot. AND, I also asked for the baby NOT to be called Ben. Because that would be confusing on family get-togethers. Though i’d rather it were called Ben over my Dad’s suggestion, Ruprecht.

So, 2014 was good. Only memorable by the fact that it was the year that I got Zazzles, my third cat (after Sylvie and the oft-forgotten Toby), but all in all, it was enjoyable. So, 2015. Come and get some.


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