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We are up to Year 6. And this is where things begin to get seriously sad. For everyone.

At the end of 2007, Mrs Abdous was selected as a replacement for Mr Rowling. Our first female headteacher in years, possibly ever. She set about changing the school, modernising it and making it more like a primary school. And this is where it went downhill from there.

It seemed to me that with modernisation came a price. Discipline, as I saw the school change with Sam, it seemed that the kids have become rougher and rougher, and most of the teachers that I grew up with have left or retired or died. One could make the argument that it was time to move on, but I disagree, as a while ago, I saw one of the old Dinner ladies and she agreed, the school was going downhill, though as Mr Rowling said to my Mum recently things need to change.

Year 6 was my last year in Halsnead, and Miss Kaemena was our teacher, she was awesome, one of the good teachers. As it was our last year, our classes were mixed to prepare us for High school, the awesome foursome was split, but only in class, we still got to see each other.

I saw this period of my life as the beginning of ‘those changes’. Specifically in my style and my tastes, you read the style entry, so no real need to go into much detail to be perfectly honest, you know what I was wearing then, but my music tastes began to change. I stopped listening to pop music and listening to more older pieces like the Beatles and Queen, both of which I do still listen to from time to time.

In schooling, though, bigger things were happening, specifically SATS and Picking a high school. For those who aren’t british or are older than me, SATS are examinations we had to take, you do them in Year 2 and Year 6, and you used to do them in Year 9 as well, but that was scrapped some years ago. In our mocks I got two 4’s (average) and a 3, which was below average. I had special maths classes to do, and that really bothered me and made me loathe the subject. Fat load of good it did really, though it boosted my grade to a 4, the focus on maths meant my English and science scores remained the same.

Originally, I wanted to go to Prescot¬†High School, a well established school which was to be knocked down eventually and merged with a school that was right near my house (which was crap). If I went there, I would have still been with most of the awesome foursome, and in Year 8, we would have reformed into The awesome foursome 2.0. Though, my plans changed. I went to another school to see what it was like, I liked it more, changed the school application thing, and I got in. I ended up going to Rainhill High School with 8 other people, and I suppose that I was the first to leave the awesome foursome of Regan, Ryan and Dillon. Eventually, Dillon soon became friends with other people, due to the nature of being in one school with out 3 of your friends, and Regan and Ryan went to Prescot, before the merger took place. Alas, my friends and I haven’t had a true reformation since 2010. I still see Regan, and Dillon’s family every now and then, and Ryan moved to Huyton, so I see little of him.

So, with my 8 friends from the school, I only really spoke to 3 of them, and one of them was a bully. They did bully me throughout the year in Year 6, to the point where I was pretty badly depressed most nights, as well as some of the personal health problems I was beginning to have, which recurred now and then for 2 years, and the migraines I started having too, but they don’t bother me now.

One altercation involved me headbutting her when she got glue on my hand deliberately, that was the last bad thing she ever did to me. You may know her if you know me, and I can safely say that whatever differences we had have been resolved and we are good friends.

One thing that happened during this year was the crash I was involved in. Yes, I am a victim of a bus crash. It was in Liverpool sometime in November, Year 6 went on a trip to see a Midsummer Night’s dream in an All girl’s catholic school in Everton (we even saw the Football stadium, and an argument ensued between rival fans of Football). After the performance, we got in the bus, and heading towards a Petrol station, we felt something ram into the back of our coach and we came to a shuddering halt. A white van rammed into the back of us, somehow rendering our coach unable to be driven. We waited for a while for the new coach, and we ended up going on a walk to an office to use the toilets, by which point our coach was there. To add insult to injury, we were then stuck in a traffic jam for a while. By the time we got back, it was 10 to 3. We ended up leaving school 20 minutes early. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

After SATS, we had the school disco. It was fun, I had a date, didn’t really spend much time with her though, as I was with my friends. I cannot remember much about the night. This meant that it probably bored me. Then, it was our last day. I remembered two things, I did the start of the leaver’s assembly, and it rained, and I made people cry. I didn’t mean to, sorry Mum, sorry Mrs Stickler. I also ended up going to every class, and said goodbye to everyone. EVERYONE.

And that was the end of  my time at Halsnead, everyone became jerks, except for Regan, Ryan S, Ryan MC, Peter, and Sophie, and everyone who went to Rainhill. And tomorrow, we go into my time at Rainhill.

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