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I can certainly say that Ben Attwood 3.0 is here. Summer 2013, it brings for me a new style in clothes. I went clothes shopping the other day, and the clothes I have bought got me thinking how I have dressed over the years, so here’s a brief look.

For about 10 years, I wrote only tracksuits and shirts, and shoes with Velcro. Looking back, it was a very common style for young boys, and one which I don’t follow now. My style first changed in 2008, when I bought a pair of jeans. It began the first transitional period  of my style. It started with jeans, the same shoes, T shirts, and tracksuit tops, but by the time I was in year 8, Ben Attwood 2.0 (or ‘the new, improved Ben Attwood’) was here.

From then on, I began to alter Ben Attwood 2.0, with different jeans, lots of different shirts. These were usually accompanied by a tracksuit top or a Cardigan. I also started to grow my hair, up until that point I had my head shaved for convenience, but I began to grow it, it evolved into a jedward style hair, then a Beatles style do, before settling on a comb over, this suited the changes that occurred due to puberty, my face became less chubby, so the hair helped with the change.

I began to wear converse shoes soon, I have had 4 pairs so far, red, blue, black leather and grey felt.

And then we get up to now, after experimenting with some green chinos, I bought two new chinos, and three new shirts, with my clothes looking more flashy than ever, which really fits in with my confidence.

So now Ben Attwood 3.0 is here, and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I don’t know what I will do next, in terms of clothes, but as long as it looks good, I really don’t care!

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