Cultural Christmas: An Introduction


2012: I did a thing called Countdown to Christmas/New Year. Basically, I wrote a post everyday on the subject of Christmas and New year. I would redo it this year, but being an A Level student, my priorities are focused on work, but I do have things planned!

I will be writing a series of blog posts for this page. It won’t be one everyday, instead, I will be writing a, as of now, unnamed series on how different cultures celebrate the festive season. Because, not every culture celebrates Christmas, or at least the Christmas we celebrate in the UK.

Also lined up are posts about the meaning and spirit of Christmas, as well as a boxing day round up of what I did on Christmas. And, should I get the CD I asked for, expect a full album review of Karl Bartos’ new album.

So that’s what you’ll get from me this year, I would do Countdown to Christmas 2013, but I have no time, when we have practice exams coming up. I think it’ll be better, less posts=more quality. So yes, let’s get started: The first post is Hanukkah!

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