A decent sixth form survival guide for the nervous and excited average year 11 student


I started 6th form on the 4th of September. So i’ve been in there for about 2 and a bit weeks now. I’ve been enjoying it, and I am writing today for the year 10’s and 11’s. I’ll give you the in’s and out’s, and tell you about it.

College is different to school, obviously. One of the key things you notice is just that the teachers don’t mess about with detentions. You do your work, or you’re off the course, you’re a truant? fine. Keep missing lessons, and pay to sit your exam. There’s more respect, and you’re expected not to abuse that responsibility. Do your work or get out.

You also don’t have to be in lessons all day. You pick 3-5 A levels, and you do those subjects, and those subjects alone ( you also do other things like COPE, you can opt out, but it is worth UCAS points). The lessons you have to do nothing, that’s a study period. Use that time wisely, it comes in useful when you need to give something a spit and polish or you need to do a particular piece of Homework you forget. I had the whole morning off today, so I used it to do my German. Like a boss. They do expect you stay in for 3 of your study periods, I do after school lessons though, so yeah…

The best thing about college is that you don’t see certain people anymore. We all tend to go our own separate ways post year 11. Now that’s not to say you won’t leave everyone behind. It really depends on where you go, I go to Rainhill Sixth Form. There’s like 140 people, whereas places like carmel accept hundreds. Not all your friends will come with you, but they won’t all leave you. And there’s many new people to meet and others you can become closer to.

So my last tips

1. Use your time wisely

2. Take part in things for extracurricular fun

3. Make friends with newbies

4. Forget your GCSE’s. You’re in A level, it’s a different course.

5. Have tons of fun.

Good luck in your GCSE’s, hope you all get into your first choices.

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