A few announcements


So there are two things that I would like to announce to you. 

1. A new blog

To compliment this blog, I have retooled my Tumblr account to become ‘…Askmeabitmore’. The plan is for shorter, and more light hearted posts to be put on there, updates on my work and my life, with the occasional bit of current affairs. Whenever I make a post, you will be able to get it on Twitter and my Facebook page (which there is  link here —> https://www.facebook.com/pages/If-you-Ask-me/303208656376215?fref=ts ), so please check it out!

2. Google+

Google have decided, being the non evil company it claims to be, to gift me with a  Google+ account, because of my past life as a YouTube juggernaut. Google, if you don’t understand this then I worry for you, but not every YouTuber wants  Google+ account. I started YouTube in 2009, because I wanted to comment on YouTube videos, not so I could network with my friends! I just wanted to make videos then quietly leave them there when I got bored with it! Gee you’re so annoying at times! But yes, add me to your circles, my friends  hear about my life as I live it (srsly, THAT’S WHAT I GOT TWITTER FOR!).

Here’s the link for that though  https://plus.google.com/101457067437901929497/posts

Bye then!

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