A Very Bowie Christmas: Dec 2nd


Continuing with A Very Bowie Christmas, we will now discuss my choice for the best track of the album David Bowie…written by David Bowie…after he released an album called David Bowie? What?

MEMORY OF A FREE FESTIVAL: David Bowie/Space Oddity (1969)

After his first album failed to chart, David Bowie’s second album was really the debut he should have got, and it was backed by a great single; Space Oddity. Space Oddity was the song that catapulted Bowie to fame, and the album was good. David Bowie ’67 felt like a young man who was trying to get into the business, but Space Oddity was an album which aimed to promote David Bowie’s sound.

Memory of a Free Festival is my selection for the best track because it really encapsulates this album as a whole, its good and it is consistent, but like its predecessor, it is a product of its time. Its a folk tune of sorts that seems to reminisce about the summer of love, a then-contemporary event. It’s a 7-minute long piece that feels like it drags in places, but I enjoy it as a product of its time like I enjoy early Beatles songs.

I’d recommend a listen but listen to it in its two-part single form rather than the full 7-minute album version.

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