This is about a country that is taking over the world, though many are convinced that the middle east and Germany want our blood, no.America is slowly taking our customs and heritage and ripping it up.

Not everything about America is bad, I have a cool american pen pal, i drink Coke and eat American Chocolate (Kraft foods OWNS Cadbury’s) but you have to admit that America is making it’s mark all over the world.

An example of how America has changed the world is Alaska, he 49th state, once owned by Russia and America bought it.Alaska had a nice inuit culture eating fish, living in igloos, all that stuff.Now they live in flats and houses, eat Mcdonalds and have that American culture.

America has done much more as well, many English children say the letter z as ‘Zee’ rather than ‘Zed’, ‘loo-tenant’ rather than ‘Left-tenant’.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

America is taking away our culture and will more than likely run the world one day (them or China) turning our culture into that Gang thing (i blame hip hop) that children listen too and take too seriously these days, causing adults to distrust us.So i suggest that we be MORE British, and if you’re not British*, be more whatever nationality you are.Don’t become an American teen with another language, be proud of your heritage.

*By ‘not British’ i mean people who do not live in Great Britain. If you live in Britain, as far as im concerned, you ARE British.

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