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So, happy first of December! With Christmas upon us and this blog’s propensity to use Christmas as an excuse for special posts, I am doing something different. No month long things this time. But it is still Beatlesember. I LOVE THE BEATLES.

I have always been a fan of The Beatles. They are an inescapable force in Liverpool, and it’s rare to find someone here that doesn’t like at least one of their songs. One thing that I don’t really like, however, is the early Beatles albums. Specifically, the album covers.

While I tend to listen to more of the later Beatles tracks, there are a number of the early-mid Beatles songs that I really enjoy. Its a case of I like less of them in number, but I love the ones I love for their quality. The album covers are a problem, though.

What don’t I like about them? It all is down to layout. Logos, text, logos, and even more text cover the early albums. They look cluttered, is all. To my modern eyes, they are cluttered, at least. In order to remedy that, I did a thing. I created new versions of the cover art. I used the original artwork, including the photos, some of the text, and other elements, to recreate the album covers, and make The Beatles albums covers all look as timeless as the later ones. Here’s what I did:

Original Please Please Me The Beatles
Please Please Me The Beatles


The first album, and one that I didn’t want to mess with. At least too much. The barrage of logos and text on the top is gone, which helped make the album look cleaner. I downloaded the fonts from the original cover. The Beatles text is not as stretched out, and looks to be a different shade of yellow, but it works. I also added the Apple logo. Because. 


This one was the first major departure from the look of the original. While I love the black and white look of the original, and the logos aren’t really littering the album, I just wanted the front sleeve to look clean and minimalist. So, I took the image, cropped off the album artwork, and edited the colour of the text to use it. Its a lot cleaner, in my mind, and I think it makes the album look timeless.


An iconic album cover, and in retrospect, shouldn’t have been as messed around with. I will probably keep tinkering with this. The one I made simplified the original a bit too much. I did, however, keep the original text of the logo and the title text, though both are now the same colour. Not a great rework, in my opinion. If I were to redo it, I’d give it a treatment like Please Please Me had. In fact, so unenamoured, I went back and redid it.

Much better, don’t you think?


The Beatles really look miserable on this photo. Mind you, they did release 4 albums within 2 years by this point, made a movie, toured, so I wouldn’t want to say that those expressions were unwarranted. This was another clean up job, but because of the original album cover not having borders, and having text and logos on the photo, I had to improvise. To remove the text, I used Snapseed to ‘heal’ the picture to remove all of the text. Then I added some new text with a font called ‘British Pop Music’. I would have rather used the album’s text, but that isn’t possible.


Probably my favourite early Beatles cover, though it could be said that this is the beginning of the mid Beatles era. Same could be said for Beatles for Sale. This one was the simplest fix. Remove the logos, and move the logos. I toyed with making Help more prominent on the album cover, but I think it works. The Beatles text is a little smaller, but that is an easy fix.

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