Fitting in


Hello Dear Internet! It seems today I will be filling in for the very talented blog owner so I can only hope that I live up to the high standards you are accustomed to. So for my first article I decided to write a piece that hits home for me in a way.

Fitting In

One of the many mottos of my life is that Life itself is a puzzle, everyone and everything has a place and a purpose.  The problem is that people try to fit in and they take other peoples places, try and turn into something they are not. 

That’s when life gets complicating because you are left scrambling for a place you want to fit in not where you should.  Then again why fit in?  We hear people always telling us that being unique means to standing up and being yourself but when we do stand up, when we do become ourselves we are told to stop and fit in.  I mean who would want to have to deal and market one person at a time when they could market to the same people multiplied by millions.  Worst of all the people that are told to conform are those who have the greatest minds. The most unique. The ones who should have their ideas shown the one who NEED to have their ideas shown. Sometimes the most impossible things that we think off are possible in their eyes. In the twinkle you see passion, hope and the yearning to stand out. Yet they are pushed down and told that being the same is easier.  Well they are not wrong, fitting in is much easier but also at what cost?  The cost of being yourself is so high yet so cheap.  We think it is worth no more than pennies but it is. You are worth so much.  You are more priceless than any jewel.  For jewels can be replicated but you can’t You are you.  When I write of “they” I don’t mean a crowd of people that I can name but each of us has our own group of “they” in our lives. They tell you to be quiet when you should speak up so that the noise of your ideas does not shatter their perfect ideas too. They tell you that in order to succeed you must trade your life to a corporation that will work you till you die. Yet the worst thing they have ever told you is that you’re uniqueness can be bought for a few smiles and nods.  Remember it can’t.  Selling what makes you YOU is almost like selling your should.  The very being of your existence should not be measured on the amount of likes on a picture or favorites on a tweet but by the amount happiness you have in you.  Everyone want’s to find that special someone who will love them for who they really are on the inside.  But if you can’t love yourself how will they love you?  Why bother fitting in a crowd of gray when you could be a rainbow?  And who knows you may find someone else who loves the rainbow too but just needed to see it come out.

So this is just all my opinions and it’s coming from a mind of a generally happy person.  All I can say is I hope you like this, stay tuned for more and of course


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