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As we become a more equal and less prejudice society here in the UK, it is hard to believe that it was only 48 years ago that being gay was illegal in the UK. Now, I am not gay, but I have been a vocal supporter of LGBT Rights. I notice that, since marriage laws were changed some years ago, at least in the UK, Gay rights hasn’t been a hot topic in our country, it’s petered out. However, I have had the opportunity to speak with some local youths who have started a Facebook page promoting pride and acceptance in the area where I live. Knowing the founder (who has asked not to be named), I asked them to partake in an interview with me to discuss their sexuality, their page, and the issues faced by the LGBT Community today.

Why the page was set up:

Me and my three friends wanted to raise awareness in our school but we weren’t allowed to establish a week so we are going to try and get an LGBT day. The page is one way that we are going to campaign. The page is to inform people on what we’re doing to progress with our campaign and to try and gain support.

Why Gay Marriage hasn’t been implemented everywhere

Honestly, that’s a hard question that has a lot of different opinions. Some may argue it’s religion as some denominations of Christianity are against homosexuality and some other religions are also against it. Sometimes their upbringings as there are people like the Westboro Baptist Church who have brought up their kids to be homophobic. Personally, I think its failure to wake up and realise that we live in a diverse community and if everyone was the same then life would be boring. I know that phrase is overused but its true.

The biggest obstacle for LGBT Teens

The biggest obstacle for anyone in the LGBT spectrum is feeling accepted. Everywhere we go we are bound to see or hear a negative comment about us. Again, people need to realise that not everyone is the same and that should be celebrated.

How people can do more to help LGBT Teens

Just be supportive and accepting. If a teenager comes out to you as gay,lesbian,transgender, asexual etc. then you should be able to accept them for who they are and help them if they are struggling to come out to people or if they just want someone to talk to about it.

What should the LGBT Community do now that change is happening in the UK and the USA

It isn’t so much a matter of ‘oh now gay marriage is introduced so we’re complete’ we need to think of other people within the spectrum. There are things like asexual awareness which people need to know about. As well as this, we need to also end conversion therapy in place like the US so that anyone who is within the spectrum doesn’t have to be forced to be something they aren’t. Transgender acceptance is also important, Leelah Alcorn was a transgender teen who committed suicide as her parents were rejecting her and sent her to conversion therapy. We can’t forget people like Leelah and we need to bring them justice.

Advice for those struggling with their sexuality

If you are struggling with trying to discover yourself, I have two things that may help you:

1. Don’t let it define you. You can be whoever you want to be, you don’t have to identify completely as anything in the LGBT spectrum. If you’re trans but dont want gender reassignment or anything like that, that’s fine. If you say you’re gay and you have a relationship with the opposite gender, thats fine. Just dont let the terms rule what you can and cant do. Love who want to love and be who you want to be no matter how you identify.

2. Give it time. It may take a longer/shorter period of time for you to discover yourself. Just live your life how you want and become there person you want to be in life and, on this journey, you will discover who you truly are.

I’d like to personally thank Rebelle for agreeing to partake in that interview. I’d like to inform my readers that Rebelle and her friends run a Facebook group, and I know they’d appreciate you showing support by liking the page. They also have their own WordPress blog, which I will be linking below. Good luck, guys.



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