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Merry Christmas. It’s finally here, and for all we know, it could be our last. Let’s just hope someone stops our world leaders from pressing the Nuke button. But here I am, and I have decided to merge my Christmas posts into one this year, with my review of the year, and my alternative Christmas message. 

2016 has certainly been a memorable year, objectively at least. There have been many monumental changes to the status quo, and a lot of people are worried. A lot of people are very worried about the new normal that has swept the world. There has been a lot of change, and it is going to take some getting used to. There has also been quite a lot of death as well. I actually went to two funerals over two weeks. Makes you think if funeral directors offer coupons. Buy 5 funerals, get the 6th one free. Let’s not dwell on that, though.

The real debate one must have though is whether this year has been the worst ever, or not. If you told me that all this was going to happen at the start of the year, I’d probably have said yes. This is going to be the worst year ever. David Bowie died for christ’s sake. But if you ask me now, I am going to have to say no. 2016 has not been a write-off. There has been a lot of bad things to happen this year, probably enough to warrant a write-off. But if you write it all off, then the good stuff is written off too. You cannot write off a whole year, but keep the best bits. And there has been some good parts to my year, which I will list:

  • My first cousin once removed turned one in February. He’s getting big, and is always a source of entertainment. And he is very strong. The boy was kicking a football. A heavy football, barefoot.
  • I have started to overcome my anxiety. I have documented this on my blog, and I think you all know how I’ve been getting on.
  • I finished my first year in University, with a 2:1 overall. Let’s hope that continues, as I have now finished the first half of my second year. I still have a lot of work to do though.
  • I formed my Politics society, and it has been successful. We have got many new members, and I like to think we have gotten more people into Politics with its creation. It’s better than having just a labour society.
  • URSAY got its own website, and it is a good one too. I would like it to have more of a following, but that will take a lot of time and investment. We’ll see where it goes from here.
  • My blog has finally gotten recognition, and I started a new blog on My Trending stories. I have completed my Advancing through Autism series, and I will be working on new posts for them soon.
  • I started my Radio Show. On every Wednesday from 12-2 on Vibe Radio
  • I had a facebook comment on the Liverpool Echo website. It’s about bloody time too.

In short, 2016 has not been a write off. The year is what you make of it. And with my more optimistic and positive outlook on life these days, I cannot say that this year has been the worst ever. Some people have great years when others have bad ones. So in the end, I cannot say that this year has been the worst. Have a merry christmas, and stop moaning.

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