Birthdays, Blackouts, Dentists, and half term


I haven’t done one like this since august, but i will update you on my life, because as readers you must know, YOU MUST.

We will start on my dentist appointment which i had a while back, i went to Whiston Health centre as usual, met my dentist, he looked in my mouth (for free, im english) and said i had a black spot, but it is under control, he put some flouride paste on my teeth, gave a prescription for 3 tubes of toothpaste and we went home.Now i have 3 tubes of toothpaste, i am sure not to run out.Also, around the same time, i bought the new muse album, went to the doctors and got over my inner demons (see blue like my blazer to understand).

Fast forwarding to this week, on Thursday, a drama group came in with a performance…about revision, ‘Believe in yourself, and you will achieve 😀 ‘.I gave it 3 stars out of 5, because the acting was not good and a love story clumsily put in, and enough cliches to make you question your own sanity.They did give me good advice, a exam revision book thing, and some funny one liners.And that great thing was followed by a BLACKOUT!

Around sevenish on Thursday, the power suddenly went off in the whole of my area.I don’t just mean where i live, all across whiston was pitch black.It was sort of scary with the odd noises of pipes and stuff, but it felt like everything was reverting to a more natural state, how our world should have been, and the lack of a breeze or rain made it eerily calm.We had our emergency power pack powering the TV, that gave us some light, but after an hour it went off (we did have the sky plugged in though).And then we decided to go and explore.

Driving around whiston in the pitch darkness was weird, it was entirely new experience which i sort of hope happens again (but with the black outs we have had recently, i will be expecting some more soonish). We then drove up to Bargain booze (the only shop working, strangely enough) and we then went to Tesco.We bought some food items and candles before driving into the darkness…except when we came back the power returned. Not quite 10pm , was it Energy people!

And, today being Friday, i broke up from school.I am now free to do whatever…homework the teachers have given me! I understand it’s revision, i understand it’s exams, but a booklet of questions to answer, c’mon Mrs Foster we may be set one but C’mon! Other bits of joy to learn is German work, Science stuff, maths revision and work, and i might do some ICT, just for the sake of it, K?And my mother’s birthday is next week, i haven’t got her anything, yet, but let’s face it, blokes buying gifts is awful, we don’t know what people like so we have to ask the person, and that is awkward, and then they have an idea of what thre gift is, no surprise.And if the gift was a surprise, it wouldn’t be good.

Anyway, i’ve said my bit and i will write soon.Byee.

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