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If you do not follow me on my social media, then you will likely be hearing this for the first time. I have written a book. And this book is available to purchase now.

What is this book?

My new book, The Internal Monologue, is available now via Amazon. You can purchase for $6 on the American website, and it will ship worldwide. For my British friends, the book costs under a fiver. And for less than £5, you get the following:

  • 60 self-written poems.
  • Of the 60, 7 new poems that have been written exclusively for inclusion in The Internal Monologue, that no one has ever seen before. Besides me. And the editor.
  • Short essays on select poems, called commentaries. The commentaries discuss inspiration, poetry forms, context, and meaning behind some of the poems.
  • A copy of the EBook for free, that you can share with friends. The EBook will also be available separately, for only £2, but you miss out on holding a copy of the paperback!
The Internal Monologue Cover for Paperback
The Paperback cover

Why ‘The Internal Monologue’?

When I first decided to release a poetry collection, I had a good idea of the contents. I knew that there were about 50 good poems that could be included, and I had an aim to write 10 new poems for good measure. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good name. I had plans for the book to be named after one of the poems. The only issue was that I didn’t feel that any of the poem’s titles could promote the book’s work that well. So, I asked people what they thought.

The person I asked came up with the name ‘The Internal Monologue’ when I described what the book would contain. I initially didn’t like it, but it grew on me, and the book’s ‘identity’ built from that. One of the poems written for the book was reworked, the idea for the cover was conceptualised, and that is how the title came to be. One of the rare instances where the title influenced the work, rather than the other way around.

Didn’t you try and write a book before?

Yes, twice. My first attempt was actually nothing to do with poetry, but a novella. The Adventures of Doctor James Stratovarious. The novel was victorian, steampunk sci-fi and revolved around an Egon Spengler like tragic hero, his niece, and an 80 year old book shop owner stopping the use of a weapon of mass destruction designed to stop America’s usage of electricity. I was 15 at the time, and I never finished it.

The Internal Monologue is my second attempt at releasing my poetry as a book. The very first attempt was going to be called ‘Bird Go Fly’. That had 50 poems and didn’t include any commentary, or new material. It was just a collection. I don’t recall why I stopped writing Bird go Fly, though looking at the poems I had then in 2016, and now, I assume its due to the lack of good material.

Kindle book cover
EBook edition cover…in moody Black and White.

When and where can I buy?

You can pre-order ‘The Internal Monologue’ EBook from Amazon, which will be out on the 6th of January; the last day of Christmas. It will cost you only £2.

As for The Internal Monologue paperback edition…it’s out now. You can buy it from, which will ship worldwide. It costs $6.00, which is £4.70, and includes the Paperback copy of the book (with a nice matte cover) and it also includes the EBook for free, when its out. I’d recommend buying the physical copy, as I can sign it for you when you get it.

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