Can’t sleep…clown will eat me


I’m usually a good sleeper, i manage to sleep quite well, but on Sunday and Monday night i struggled to get to sleep for whatever reasons.

I usually follow a strict pattern, i turn off the computer, and get my pajamas on, and get my teeth brushed for ten-ish, then i stay up for half an hour after watching the news and then go to sleep.I wake up around 6:30am on Mondays-fridays.On Friday and Saturday nights it’s not unusual for me to stay up until around Midnight watching Family Guy or American dad or go on the computer and wake up around 9-10 O’clock.On sundays i wake up 9-10 O’clock and go to sleep at 10:45pm,lulling my way back into a rota.

My sleeping has been weird in the past.I hadĀ recurringĀ dreams here a weird creature with black hair,red lipstick and blue hair tried to eat me.That bad lady messed me up.Last time i was victimised by her i was six, luckily i threw her off a cliff, i remember saying ‘It’s the end for you, Bad Lady’ and i pushed her and woke up

Recently, i just haven’t been able to sleep, whether it’s stress or things on my mind i don’t know.If you have any advice, or if you want to tell me how you fall asleep you sleeping rituals, comment on this blog or on my facebook, if you have.Goodbye, and sweet dreams.

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