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You may remember my Countdown to Christmas/ New year posts from last year. Well, it’s coming ever so closer to the yule tide celebrations that I was asked to think about what I want for christmas this year. As a teenager, I didn’t know what I wanted- I have all I wanted already, and im not replacing anything yet- so what do you get the boy who has all he really needs?

Most of my friends will ask for money this year, most likely spending it on clothes or other nice things. I would ask for money but I like receiving, and I like the thought that people went out in the cold harsh winter weather to give me what I requested (thanks, fat man). I also hate going out in the snow, so I wouldn’t have been able to spend my money until well after January sales.

This year I focused on things that I needed as well as wanted. so here is a list of things I have asked for for this Christmas

  • A new mouse and Keyboard (to replace the ones I’ve had for a few years now).
  • Some new jeans
  • a pair of converse shoes
  • A new belt
  • A dressing gown
  • Lindor Chocolates
  • Freddie Mercury: The Great pretender the book and DVD
  • Looking for Alaska
  • A Clockwork Orange (book, the film is forever stuck in my head)
  • Maus
  • A Newton’s cradle (My last one was sadly wrecked)
  • Off The Record by Karl Bartos
  • Alpha Papa: The Movie
  • TBBT Season 6
  • a Onesie (a cat one)
  • Some showering stuff

I agree, it’s a lot of stuff, but let’s look at things from this perpective: Last year I got a £100 watch. I have, time after time, got one big thing (A mobile phone, a lap top, an iPod) and a few other things. This year, I don’t need to replace anything, all my gadgets work, they’re not broken, so I am asking for cheaper things, which will all add up to the same amount spent on me every year. This year, im asking for things that will cost less, but will ultimately be of use to me on a day to day basis.

So that’s my blog for today, I will leave you with a link to an old blog about what I got for christmas last year, and also this. I will not be doing a Countdown to christmas 2013, with my work load at college, I will have little time to do such a thing. I’ll do some special posts, but not in a ‘Blog everyday in December’ style. With that, I leave you. Good day!

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