Countdown to Christmas Dec 10th: Happy Hanukkah, guys!


I’m a little late in saying to all my Jewish readers out there, but because it’s still within the Jewish holiday i can still say, Happy¬†Hanukkah! ūüôā

The only reasons that i did not know that the holiday began¬†was because: I am not Jewish and therefore don’t know much about Jewish traditions, and also my calender ( A Family Guy one for those interested) didn’t tell me, because the religious culture that surrounds me is¬†predominately¬† Christian.

For the uneducated, the Jewish faith only follows the Old testament of the bible , and Hanukkah (or the festival of lights) is according to the BBC celebrated by:

Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting one candle on the Hanukiah (an eight-stemmed candelabrum) each day.

The Hanukkah symbolises how God looked after the Jewish people at this difficult time.

Games are often played at Hanukkah. The most common game uses a dreidel and is a popular way of helping children to remember the great miracle.

The festival reminds Jews of a time over 2500 years ago when Antiochus, a Syrian king, tried to make the Jewish people worship Greek gods. A statue of Antiochus was erected in the Jewish temple and the Jews were ordered to bow down before him. The Ten Commandments forbid Jews to worship statues or idols and so they refused.

A small group of Jews called Maccabees rebelled, and after a three year war they recaptured Jerusalem from the Syrians. But the temple was all but destroyed.

The Jews had to clean and repair the Temple, and when they were finished they rededicated it to God. They did this by lighting the lamp (Menorah) – which was a symbol of God’s presence. Only one small jar of oil was found, enough for one day, but miraculously the lamp stayed alight for eight days.

And Hanukkah is celebrated over 8 days by lighting candles.Forgive my lack of knowledge, but i have been educated and will try to remember Hanukkah in the coming years.HAPPY HOLIDAYS MY JEWISH FRIENDS!

And if you are Jewish, leave a comment on this blog entry to talk more about the jewish religion, i’m interested.Image of Menorah

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