Countdown to Christmas Dec 11th: Christmas time is killing us


BBC have got their christmas decorations up with their ident, im not sure about BBC 2 and ITV have their’s already.Channel four have their Snowman christmas promotions!

But we are not talking about Christmas Television (because i wanted to talk about this issue instead) is the fact that christmas could be killing Father Christmas.

One of my favourite family guy episodes is ‘Road to the north pole’ where Stewie wants to kill Father Chrismas because one of those supermarket ones wouldn’t let him sit on his knee (If you know what im trying to say, you won’t do a Jimmy Saville joke) and they get to the north pole, to see a horrilble smog ridden North pole, violent reindeers, Imbred elves and a sickly father christmas.

Father Christmas’s argument was that because of our greed, we’re killing the spirit of Christmas  Resulting in more elves needed to keep  to the high demand (why the inbreeding occurs).Now i actually agree with the message of that episode, watch it.

Our greed and wanting of more (which we are all guilty of, myself included) has killed the spirit of Christmas  corporations have commercialised it and father Christmas is just a trademark.And our growing world population is wanting more, Christmas continues to die.And my fear is that one day, children will no longer know the spirit of Christmas.

Here’s the song from the episode:

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