Countdown to Christmas Dec 13th: THE TREE, SHE’S ALIVE!


Instead of a themed blog or an anecdote from my past christmasses, i thought a nice little update would suffice your crazed obsessions of me, since you read ‘If you ask me…’ all the time.

1. THE TREE IS UP, LIGHTS BUT LACKING BAUBLES.We now have a not-alive tree lighting up the living area.Alas, we do not have our baubles and chocolates decorating it further, that will be done tomorrow most likely and i’ll make an entry about trees tomorrow probably.

2. The weather is cold, but not snowy.People, you know i hate ice, which i touched on in a previous entry.It may be frosty and cold and not very hospitable, but not snowy.

3. I don’t like the new BBC christmas look.I was picturing pantomime performers on a stage and the curtain dropping to reveal sparkles and the BBC One Logo.All i got was curtains and the logo, VERY DISSAPOINTING! It is not fun to look at and looks incomplete.

4. School is nearly finished for KWEZNUZ! But all these mock exams are annoying, but the week went rather quick and it’s not long ’til we finish for the holidays.And now my blog is done.

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