Countdown to Christmas Dec 19th: HO OH NO!


Well, today has been eventful both as a normal man and as the superman i think i am.Facebook has murdered my account.

I go on my computer, I click on facebook, and they say ‘Ben, your account, we’ve disabled it’ and I am like ‘Why!’ and they say ‘Send us an Email and we’ll tell you’.Wow, you are evil.

It’s probably about a page i set up called Camp Hitler.In hindsight, that has repercussions that I have to deal with now.But, thinking about it, I am sort of glad that I am off Facebook.I don’t feel like a stalker, I don’t have to see idiots thinking about the end of the world and those photos ‘Like if you love this!’ they can just die.

Actually, I am happy with this.

But yes, I am not on Facebook, so I don’t know if anyone will read this, but we’ll find a way to get it on.I will will survive, I have Twitter.

So back to Christmas, It’s nearly HALF TERM ^_^ .Only one half day and I am a free dude.I think It’s all good, so i probably won’t bring my bag (We’re watching films, so what’s the bloody point?!), then we have assembly and HOME!!!!!!

Anywho, that’s my slightly bitter post, but I couldn’t be more happier.Facebook is a horrible drug, so if i cut myself off from it, maybe i ca destroy my addiction.More stuff tomorrow, champs!

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