Countdown to Christmas Dec 23: It really doesn’t feel christmassy


It’s two days away from the biggest holiday of the year, and I must say that it does not really feel like Christmas, and I’m not feeling very festive.

Where is the Ice? where are the treacherous conditions? where’s the snow?  Why is it Sunny? Now, don’t get me wrong, I do prefer weather like this in winter rather than the snow or the ice, as I have a deep intense hatred of that weather, but at least it is christmassy.That weather makes up 30% of christmas.

With it being mild and windy (it’s like 5 degrees Celsius) it isn’t very christmassy.And that is making me less festive.I can’t celebrate something when the weather feels like February.It’s simply not right.

I know the environmental nutters are accusing climate change and global warming, and I do think that it is playing a part in this sort of depressing weather, but I reckon that the poles are shifting, which it has done, and that’s cocking everything up.Anyway, it’s still the holiday season, and there is two more days to go, hope that you’ve got your Christmas shopping done.I’ll have more tomorrow 🙂

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