Countdown to Christmas Dec 24: Excitement


If you’re thick or hungover, then I should be the one to tell you that today is Christmas Eve.Father Christmas best be ready to hop all over the globe.

Today we are specifically going to talk about the excitement Christmas brings, not just to children, but also to the adults as well.Let’s face it, mother always goes over the top when it goes to being excited about christmas.

It’s obvious why children want to stay awake all night and not go to sleep, a big fat guy is going to break into the house and commit a reverse robbery (probably too many Christmas spirits have gotten to the old red wearing robber that his loot is taken out of the bag because he cannot balance with such a heavy bag).Children are easily excited, so when you tell them ‘he’s coming’ they won’t be able to sleep and then he won’t come because he only comes if they’re sleeping.Also, if they have behaved.

Adults also like Christmas, but for different reasons.Mostly because they like to see the smile on the children’s face when they get their gift.Though I think they’d not be happy about their children saying thanks to the big red drunkard rather than the relatively sober creators.

And that’s all I’m writing about.Tomorrow, you will receive your Christmas gift from me (I wrote it two months prior so be grateful, I even spent last night editing it).You will get it tomorrow, and more posts will be coming until the First of January TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN.

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