Countdown to Christmas Dec 7: Top 10 christmas songs


I stated on a previous entry that my favourite christmas song is Queen’s Thank god it’s christmas.But i do still have 10 more faves, which i will tell you now, because it’s christmas.I’m sure you all like them as well, so Sit back and relax as i tell you my TOP 10 CHRISTMAS SONGS EVAR.

10. Boheimian Rhapsody By Queen

It still counts, it was originally a Christmas number one, so it is a christmas song.This is one of the most complex christmas songs ever, harmonies, chorus, operatic sections etc.It kicks ass, and is my Favourite QUEEN song.

9. Mary’s Boy child/Oh My Lord By Boney M

Them carribean sounds are cool, man.Just the idea of carribean instruments and sounds with a traditional carol are so cool.It’s a good recording, and it’s very different.

8. Once upon a christmas song by Geraldine McQueen (AND Peter Kay)

Everyone’s favourite Gender confused Britain’s got the Pop Factor, and possibly a new celebrity Jesus Christ soapstar, superstar strictly on ice winner’s christmas song.It is cheesy and funny, but very christmassy.

7. What’s this? by Danny Elfman

People still debate, Is The Nightmare Before Christmas for halloween, or Christmas? Ah well, this is another great christmas song, with memorable lyrics, nice melodies and great to listen to with the visuals of the film.

6. Simply having a wonderful Christmas time by Wings

Though not a Paul McCartney fan (I know, a liverpudlian who doesn’t like paul McCartney (George was the best)) this is a catchy christmas tune, with a nice children choir and bits like that, that’s what makes the song.

5. Merry Christmas everyone by Shakin Stevens

Catchy as hell, this song.And it is a good one to dance to, it is essential to dance to at a christmas party.LISTEN!

4. Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade

An epic song, with cool guitars and it is very very very cheesy.IT’S CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTMASSSSSSSSSSSS!

3. Walking in the Air by Howard Blake

From one of the best animated Christmas specials ever (I will be watching the new one and i hope this song is on).It’s slightly chilling this song to be completely honest.Watch the film, you will get chills.This was actually first heard on Channel 4’s first christmas on air, and im glad they’re doing a sequel for the channel’s 30th anniversary, i will be watching.

2. Stop the chavelry by Jona Lewie

Actually this is an anti war song, but who cares, you hear it at christmas, so it’s a christmas song.It’s a lovely song, with jingle bells and, when you listen to the lyrics, it’s sad.It is about war, though not like ‘Whereever you are’, it’s from the soldier’s perspective.He wishes he was home for christmas.

And now for number 1 (or number two when you put Queen in)

1. Fairytale from new york by the Pogues

The irish are cool, they can make a song romantic, sad and cheerful.It’s a duet and a bloody good one.If you haven’t heard it, gissa listen.

And that’s my list.

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