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Well, today i did my school work, went on my computer, had dinner and helped out at a fashion show.

Our school (which i WON’T name here) holds D+T fashion shows every year, the thing that grinds my gear is that there wasn’t much olympic themed fashion despite the theme being the Olympics.I will be blunt, it was naff (or dull). Don’t get me wrong every one of those dresses were lovely but the audience had to ruin it. rooting for their daughters and sons and staying silent throughout the rest of the evening. It wasn’t terrible but the audience ruined it

Me and my teams job tonight was to make sure everyone was going to the right place, welcome them, sell cakes to them for help the heroes. that sort of stuff,

I got back 40 minutes ago now and i am exhausted. I hope i get a good nights sleep tonight.

Peace be with you and i will be web logging more tomorrow

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