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Since thursday, a lot of stuff has been going on. And for your reading pleasure i will be telling you about said stuff.

Well, lets start at the beginning, and in this case we begin on that glorious day, thursday.My year (at the moment it is year 10, old english people calll it 4th form) and it was taste of sixth form day because we have a sixth form. Our task was to design an olympic themed product and, knowing if we won we would not leave school early because we had to share our idea to the teachers and representitives of The chamber, we decided to deliberately lose.We lost.We designed a hard guitar cover and a hard bass guitar cover. It wasn’t the worst idea (much better than Olympic condoms) but the olympic sport shoes were the best and so they won.

On the whole the day was fun, but the activity was average and you could tell that some of the teachers were in a bit of a kerfuffle.I left school at 1:50pm BST and got home for half 2 because i caught the train, didn’t miss much in school if our team won we would have won cadbury’s heroes chocolates and i wouldn’t have been able to have them anyway.We fast forward to Thursday evening where i had two fillings in my teeth. T’was the first time i had fillings and the third visit to the dentist (i will save that for another blog entry).On my first filling i had no anasthetic and i was fine, the second and more extensive filling was done with an injection numbing the left side of my mouth. I lived and had to keep calm so i didn’t terrify my younger brother. Luckily i was calm and we bought some magazines afterward because i was a brave little soldier.

FRIDAY, AHHHHHH. It was Year 10 ethics day where we learned about identity and euthenasia. And here are my views on the two subjects (WARNING: both are very controversial)

1. There is no such thing as a soul, the 21 grams that leaves your body at the end of your life is your bowels moving. Identity is accquired through family, friends and just living life.

2. Euthenasia SHOULD be legal, but there must be guidelines in place to stop murdurers taking advantage.We humans have the right to choose what to do with ourselves. If we are dying a slow, painful death then Assisted suicide should be allowed so that we and our families do not suffer. Modern surgury can only do so much, and by saving our lives and stopping us dying a slow painful death you have taken away a human right.

Ethics day was fun, as you can see in my thing up there, but the day was plagued with torrential rain which made me do prefect duy, even though i wasn’t on duty this week.I got soaked after school though but i wore a coat which is still damp today.

Now, i am staying at my grandad’s house. My Mum and Dad are heading to nlondon to see a music concert from FAITH NO MORE, leaving me and Sam in the care of our grandad and Uncle Niall (i know you’re probably reading this).On Sunday, My Great Uncle Colin (or the Chocolate Fairy. Yeah you’re all jealous we have a Chocolate Fairy)is visiting Grandad and Niall and that will be jolly good fun. We will go back to our home and my Grandad will stay for the night to make sure we’re in order for school on monday (especially keeping an eye on 8 year old sam).And my parents shall return for monday afternoon when i come home from school. And there we have it. Keep reading, i will be back soon 😀

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  • You’re correct about the 21 grams, as the experiment used to prove it was faulty, used an incredibly inaccurate measuring system, the subject range was 7 people, and the 21 gram loss only showed in 4 of them. Also the loss of weight would indicate the soul has mass, which, if it does exist, doesn’t have.

    That is all 😀

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