This one is about my friends in the past and present (present being 2012) and i will discuss certain friends in varying detail.

My first ever proper friend was my friend Megan (Hi Megan). We were babies when we first met (i was 4 months, she was 0 because i was born in April and she was born in August).Her mum and my um have known each other since Senior school, so i really got Megan by default. I’ve known her for 15 years.

My next group of long running friends happened when i was 3 when i started Nursery, i met my Best friend of my Primary School days Dillon when i was 3.I’ve known him a long time but i don’t remember how we met, i go to nursery one day and he’s there and BAM! a guy i’ve known for 12 years.Dillon was my Regular partner in crime, alongside my com-padre Jack who i’ve known for the same amount of time. Alas, i haven’t spoken to Dillon since i saw him 2 years ago, i still occasionally see his mum and sisters, Jack i last saw him on Thursday.

Around year 3 i met my friend Liam W, and i’ve known him to this day as he now goes to my senior school, around years 2-3 Regan and Ryan appeared and when we were all in year 4, Regan and Ryan’s group, and me and Dillon merged to form what was ‘THE DOCTOR WHO CLUB’ (ahh, young children and their obsession with TV programmes) I was 4th in command but in charge of the youth faction full of Alex Ryan (mad mad boy) and some year 3’s and 2’s. Im now risen to 2nd in command after Dillon and Regan had their split up.We were occasionally joined by Peter Rose ( i saw us as rivals, due to our similar behaviours and competition with each other, i was jealous of him on many aspects and would love to see hm again some day) and his group (Matthew Towers, Ryan Syder (who is the only one i still see from them lot) and Daniel De Marco (haven’t seen him since he left in year 4)).Others i knew were Tony, Luke, Alex, Jordan D, Jordan B (i still see both Jordans) Ashley, Emma M,Andrea, Rebecca W, Selina A, Matthew B, Christopher G, Kyle, James B,Chloe H, Chloe T.

I was also part of a drama group with many friends, Megan DS, Jeanna, Jonathan, Andrew, Kieran, Louisa, Imogen,

Senior school came and many of those people i never see regularly (of the DWC, i only regularly see Reginald). As senior School is big, i made many friends (who won’t all be listed),

Dominic M

Michael M

James ‘Mawdo’

Adam ‘Cooper’

Leonie E

Alice I

Ceri T

Leah W

Holly T

Amy R + Liam C

Some of the Drama gang and some of the school lot

Sadly none of the DWC came with me, all 3 go to another school. 🙁 .

I am now in a new gang called the Train crew. Originally Sam M and Sam L, myself, Michael or ‘SCOTTY’ and Andrew. It’s now me, Luke, Amy, Rebecca and Adam (who waits for us at the station for when we walk up. Nathan too btw.

Apart from my Pen Pals (that’s another blog already up) that’s basically it, apart from one girl. My most recent Best friend.Becky.It was Jack (my current partner in crime) Who told me about this girl. So i got in contact with her in January, and we are now firm friends.She is very pretty, kind and charming (and modest too when i compliment her). She knew about me from the you tube era (i know, its confined to history books now)And i knew about her from Jack. And she got me out of the house (im a recluse at times) and going to places where we hang out (the place we chill out is called the Van, or as i personally call it the partay van). We hang out with Rebecca, Peter, Kieran, And various others who i don’t really know, and JAMES B)

Sorry if you are not mentioned, but im only including those who i really remember being with.I still consider you friends but there is

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