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It is World Cup time again? Yes, this year sees Brazil host the 2014 World Cup, starting a joyous 2 years of sport in Brazil when the Olympics go over there in another 2 years. If you know me, you know of my dislike of Football, but what aspects do I dislike? Well, let’s share. 

Now, as I get into the first gripe, I must say that Football fans I have no problems with. If you like Football, then good for you. I would be wrong if I said all football fans are thugs. Granted, there is a minority of Hooligans who ruin the sport for a lot of the real fans, they’re all but a minority. I have friends who like Football, so saying nasty things about fans would mean I would be saying very nasty things about them. Even the ones you see on TV may look like wallies, but they’re having a good time, they saw their team play, I am sure I’d be like that if I was on the news. So I will not be saying that. However, I do dislike the Footballers.

Footballers are rich. Super rich. Super mega rich. Super super mega rich. That is the sort of money you could dream of. And that’s one of my major criticisms of Football. They’re only humans playing a game, and you give them money like that? What would you do with that sort of money? It’s too much. Footballers themselves are also very arrogant people. The stereotypical image being the fine suits, the tattoos and driving in Land Rovers in the Cheshire Villages where many of them live. Footballers also get a bad rep in the press, for good reason. Cheating, fighting, and excessive partying whilst many families are starving all over the world. Don’t you just love those guys?

Now money is an issue in all sports, but I feel Football is the most prevalent example of over the top contracts which make you think ‘£68 Million? What the heck?!’. It is the fault, however, of the franchises that the teams have created. Back in the day, there wasn’t nearly THIS much commercialism. Now you have really rich families from all over the world owning these now worldwide franchises. And they have marketed Football to death. You can buy the kits, the bed covers, the official Footballs, the trading cards, and the little plastic models with the oversized heads. Everyone is doing it, Coca Cola, McDonalds, to name a few. ALL THIS FUSS OVER A SIMPLE GAME OF FOOTBALL!!!

The coverage on Television also annoys me. It’s not so much the coverage, but the OVER-COVERAGE. You have the game; which of course is the only component you really need. Then before and after the game there’s about one to two hours of pre-game coverage and post game reactions, fair enough. Then there are the recap shows, the documentaries, the repeats of classic games like what they’re doing now, and the clip shows showing in game flubs, and the one on ITV with the guy from Waterloo Road hosting a clip show of funny clips relating to Football. Again, there is too much of Football on the Television, Granted it is the World Cup that is like the Olympics of Football, but they do it for every game, they cancel programming in favour of FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. It infuriates me that my Parent’s money pays for this coverage on the BBC!

There is too much of a fuss over this game. Why by all means they should show it on Television, it seems that for a long time Football has lost its soul. It’s not a game, it’s hype and national glory nowadays and glorious capitalism. I’d be OK with the Football and nothing else. Show the game with some Commentary, that’s all you need. Pay them less because they are not deserving of this money. Think about it, you have £5. You’re in Liverpool and you see two things, a Liverpool Shop or a man collecting for charity. Would you rather your money contribute to the cheapening of Football, or let it go to a good cause. I know what I would do.

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