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I have used the internet for a good proportion of my life and a good proportion of it’s life, being born in 1997, i first used a computer at the age of 3.And obviously i still use it to this day,But various internet annoy me, so i will talk about some of them.

Like this photo if _____________

These get on my nerves, because they’re always cheesy, or exploit emotion.It gets on my nerves and makes me angry, as it exploits things like; world hunger, war, murder, and it disgusts me.

Some folks and groups on Facebook

I use Facebook a lot, and it goes back to my previous internet annoyance, those people on Facebook with lots of subscribers who post those cheesy photos.They do it for likes, and subscribers. If you’ve seen the JFT96 group they all post the same thing ‘Boycott The sun’ ‘JFT96’ ‘YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE’.This is another example of exploiting the tragedies of modern day life, and it’s getting to the point where, as my dad put it, the 96 people who were crushed to death have become martyrs.It is a good cause, but they’ve exploited the dead for the last 23 years, and counting.I feel sorry for the families of the dead 96 football fans.You’ve made your points, you’ve exploited something, can we move on please?

Repeated comments on You Tube

When you first see a witty comment on a social media website, it is funny, the next few times are also funny. But it goes downhill from there. Comments like ‘FIRST’ ‘Haters gonna Hate’ and ‘Like this thing if______’ (the latter coming up a lot), the comment’s popularity has killed the comment, and it becomes stale and annoying.


I want to listen to music, i know the website needs money, but there are other ways. Let me listen to my Queen now.

That’s all i can think of in my insomniac like state.I know there are some repeating themes in there, but i feel it is important that these things are addressed.My question for you today is ‘Is there any other things apart from what i have mentioned above that annoys you on the Internet?’ and if i see a ‘YOU’ comment, i will delete it as that is one more annoyance of mine.Be sure to like, favourite, fan, share, tweet, like.Please like this blog entry if you love your mum. JUSTICE FOR THE ASPARAGUS! 

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