We’re nearly at the end of LEGO Movie week, which ends on Valentine’s day, so I have one more set after this, then I wish to write a final post summing up my thoughts on the LEGO system, before returning to regular blogging. I haven’t talked about LEGO Space, have I?

So, we’re back at the start of Modern LEGO, the way it is today. Before space, there was only LEGO. LEGO was just the blocks and kids just imagined what they built. Sure, there were models at this point, but nothing on the grand scale of what LEGO Space accomplished.

According to Brickipedia, Space was introduced in 1978. It is one of the most expansive themes in LEGO’s history, and contains over 350 individual sets. I also consider it the birth of modern LEGO, as it was this set which gave us the modern LEGO minifigure, and the start of what was then titled ‘THE LEGO SYSTEM’! Today’s set was released in 2007, and I got it as another Christmas present. It was the LEGO Mars mission MB-01 Eagle Command Base.

Mars mission was a Space sub theme, as understandingly, a brand needs to freshen up from time to time, LEGO being no exception. Mars mission started in 2007-2009, before being replaced by Space Police, an old sub theme of the LEGO Space brand of toys. the MB-01 Eagle Command Base was, as you may have guessed, a base. More specifically, the Humans.

You got 8 minifigures with this set, including 4 humans and 4 martians. The human base had a pump system to put aliens either in the rocket ship, or in the lab for disection. There was also a small fighter ship for the aliens as well as a very small jetpack for the martians. I loved this set growing up, it was cool and futuristic and the rocket ship was magnificent, I really enjoyed playing with this set and I would’ve loved to own it now.

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