Moving on from yesterday’s set, we are now gonna talk about Set 3, which is the LEGO Racers Ferrari truck.

This set is actually very similar to the last set, really. You still have the Pit stop crew, the racer and the car driver with his/her car (NOTE: There is no female Formula One driver, someone fix that) but instead of the Pitstop, you have the truck, and the truck looks great. It looks good, one can open up the storage thing to play inside, as well as open the back too.

There’s actually a story behind me getting this set. It was in 2008, when I got it, I got it at a Toys ‘R’ Us store in Warrington, because they didn’t have the Smyth’s in St Helens nor the LEGO Store in Liverpool at the time, and they didn’t sell big models in Woolworths. A common theme with a lot of these sets is that I wish I still had them today, but to be fair it is a case of not having room to keep it all. I did love having this set and I wish I still had it…emosh.

PS: Apparently, LEGO Do not sell LEGO Racers sets anymore. Why aren’t kids into cars anymore. I blame Xbox and PlayStation for this! Violent racer games and your Minecrafts, and your GTA 5’s!

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