Maybe Today- A Poem


Maybe Today- By Ben Attwood

Maybe today will be the day I ask her,
Barring circumstances that will stop me.
I have tried so many times before,
One forgets all the specifics,
But each time that I tried, it didn’t go so well.

At the party when I saw you last,
I downed my drink and tried to ask you out.
My May turned into a December,
Dutch courage became a French surrender,
And I didn’t ask you, oh what joy!

Maybe today will be the day that I kiss her,
Lock my lips with hers and throw the key away,
In case you didn’t get it first,
That anecdote I shared in verse,
My way with women is not what it could be.

Asking out a lesbian,
Talking to a deaf woman,
And countless women who have got away.
I see them sometimes happy,
And, while sounding sappy, that is what I want.

Maybe today will be the day my dry spell ended,
Subject to conditions that are binding.
Will he, won’t he? I don’t know.
I think you know how this thing goes,
I simply am not ready to get out there.

And with my chance expired,
I become tired and go to sleep.
While not crying, I am criticising me.
Where is my tact? My charm? My class?
I guess that it’s not meant to be.

Maybe today will be the day I see her at the bus stop,
We small talk about the weather under bluest sky.
While this winter in my dating life persists,
I notice that it’s thawing,
Therefore, I will continue to persist.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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