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When I very first made this website, I added a few other pages, one of them involved quickfire questions, just short little questions designed to get you to know some trivial things about myself. I’m thinking of updating that page after about a year, so I would appreciate various questions, and they can be anything, trivial, philisophical, personal, just leave your question in the comments and I may answer them. Anyway, here’s a few Questions that I would like to answer in this post.

1. Last Drink: Pepsi Max. I Frakking love Pepsi!
2. Favourite Song: It depends on what circumstances, Just a song that’s one of my favourites is Live in fear which is Bray Wyatt’s theme (yep, Wrestling fan here), my favourite Bowie song is Life on Mars.
3. Bestfriends: I don’t know, Maybe Michael, Megan, Becky B, Amy F, George, Luke
4. Last Text: That I sent was to my Mum informing her Sam’s new jumper would cost £14, to me was Tesco telling me it’s cheaper to call a foreign number, woo!
5. Thing That Last Made You Laugh: this quote ‘Don’t be racist, hate everyone’
6. Biggest Fear: Dying without doing anything.
7. Person You Love: My Mother. I do love her, shes my Mother.
8. Cutest Person: that I know? Family, it’s Sam, out of friends I think George is cute, as is Yianna, Dominic, Michael. They’re all cute.
9. Dumbest Lie Ever Told: That I was allergic to nuts. I just didn’t want to eat them. I eat them now though, I like Honey nut cornflakes and I didn’t have a reaction. TBF, I was 5.
10. Someone Funny: Probably Jake
11. Age: As of July 2nd, I am 16 years, 2 months, and 24 days old
12. Full Name: Benjamin Lewis Attwood. After Commander (later captain) Benjamin Sisko from DS9, and the boxer Lennox Lewis. Both those men are black, and my brother was named after Samual L Jackson!
13. Nicknames: Captain, Ben Ben, Big Ben, Benjimano, Attwoodio, weirdo

14. Favourite Colour: Probably Purple, I like the colour purple.

15. Someone You Miss: I miss a lot of people.
16. Last Thing You Cried About: In recent memory, the Snowman and the snowdog at christmas. It made me cry like a little boy
17. Future Career: At the moment, I would like to teach History to High school kids
18. Something You Regret Doing: Not be friends with my brother. But then again, w are brothers, it simply wouldn’t last.
19. White Or Chocolate Milk: It depends what mood I am in.
20. Favourite movie: One of them is Star trek 2: Wrath of Khan. KHAAAAAAAAN!
21. Last Person You Kissed: My brother on his forehead. He called me gay.
22. Favourite Memory: I don’t know. Probably getting my first GCSE in maths at a C (I then did it again, on a harder paper and got a B)
23. Year: I was in Year 11, so Im in that transistion period between year 11 and 12
24. Favourite Subject In School: It was History, but Im not in school.
25. Colour Of Undies: Red at the moment.
26. Turn On: Girls who are part of nerdy fandoms
27. Turn Off: Girls who overly flaunt it. Nothing wrong with a racy dress, but when it’s so low cut, you can see she isn’t wearing a bra, and she comes up to you, run.
28. New Years Resolution: Nothing really. I am am pretty satisfied with things as they are.
29. What You Got For Christmas: A yellow Swatch touch
30. Favourite Number: 2318008. LOL.
31. Thing That Annoys You: A lot of things annoy me personally.To name a few, I find people with lack of manners annoying, people who make speling mistakes (see what I did there?), lack of etiquette, aggressive people. You know I get annoyed by a lot of things
32. Shoe Size: at the moment, I am a size 10 in converse shoe sizes, because as you know different shoe companies do do different sizes, so it’s sort of jumbled up, but im generally a size 10 in most pairs of shoes I wear. I have quite wide feet, which need fairly big shoes to fit
33. Birthday: My birthday is April the 8th. Money and chocolate is acceptable

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