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Today i share with you an idea of mine, an idea to write a Novel.

My idea is as follows:

An adventure novel set in an alternative universe where there is no religion and the dark ages never happened.

I know what you’re thinking, Ben that’s a load of rubbish.It ain’t.Think about it, The dark ages was a period where art, culture and science was essentially non existent and little or no records were kept. So if non of that happened, would the world as we know it be much more advanced than now.

My book would be set in the Year 1885 and involve Dr James Stratovarious and his Niece, whose 16 and i have not worked out a name for her, on a quest to find an item which could lead to the Confederate states of Britain winning their war with the American Empire, Stratovarious wanting a world of harmony not domination. Yes from all these names you can tell this is a parallel universe, the major empires being

The Confederate States of Britain (the British Empire, not including canada)

The American Empire (USA, Canada, South America, Central America, Greenland, Cuba)

The federal republic of Anzac (Australia and New Zealand, puppets of the C.S.B)

The United States of Europe (Europe excluding Slavic countries, Russia (taken over))

Greater Yugoslavia (all slav countries Excluding Russia)

Arabia (North Africa, UAE, Pakistan, Iraq etc.)

The USA (United States of Africa)

So, not quite the modern world map.But the item will be located in Ecuador in the old (and fictional) city of gold.I won’t reveal the rest of the plot but that’s the basic one.But Dr. Stratovarious is a very dark character.

I will leave you alone now, comment please, i would like to hear your thoughts, both praise and criticism, byee.

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