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A very short post this one. I am having a short break from the exam stress, so I thought I’d update you with a new post. Things are going well, have most of my exams next week (with a clash!), but I will pull through. So yeah, Queen.

It is known by many people that I am a Queen fan. I love Queen (Queen 2 is the best album) and I like their music. It stretches a wide variety of genres; some succeed (Another one Bites the Dust) and some do not (The whole Hot Space album, with the exception of Under Pressure). Anyway, Queen have released 14 Studio Albums in the time they were together, from 1973, to 1991 when Freddie died.

In 1995, they released Made in Heaven, a collection of songs either released as solo projects, unreleased ones and demos which were reworked by the 3 surviving members. In 2012, a re-released version of Barcelona was put out, replacing the original music with a full 80 piece orchestra, and putting Freddie and Montserrat’s vocals in. I have long hoped Queen would do this again. Sadly they have not. After all, Deacon has retired, and Brian and Roger are doing live stuff, as well as their own projects.

One day, I was on You Tube listening to Unreleased Queen songs, and I thought ‘With all their unreleased stuff, they can still make another album, so I looked through demos and unreleased tracks, and made my own album. Here’s what I came up with. I should also add that these are demos, and as a result would probably sound somewhat different to their current form if released as real songs. Here we go:

Track 01: Goin’ back

This track was actually part of an experiment, a musical project by Trident Studios’ house engineer Robin Geoffrey Cable, in 1972. Cable was experimenting with re-creating the “Wall of Sound” style favoured by Phil Spector. He recorded cover versions of the following two songs:

  • “I Can Hear Music” (1973) (written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector, which had been a hit for The Ronettes and The Beach Boys)
  • “Goin’ Back” (written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, which had been a hit for Dusty Springfield and The Byrds )

Cable enlisted singer Freddie Mercury from the band Queen to perform lead vocals on these tracks. (Queen were recording their debut album in Trident Studios at the time.) Mercury in turn suggested bringing his band-mates Roger Taylor and Brian May to add percussion, guitar and backing vocals to the recordings. Technically not a Queen song, but it is one of their earliest recordings so it counts.

Track 02: Mad the swine

Mad the Swine was written for the debut Queen album. However, it was dropped for one reason or another. This song was only released in 1991 as an extra track on the ‘Headlong’ 12″ and CD single and the US Remaster version of the Queen I album. It is probably the only track to appear on an album, though this was a remaster. It needs a real release.

Track 03: I go Crazy

This song was written and recording during the sessions which led o the release of The Works. It was written by Brian May and released as a B-Side (many of these picks were B-Sides). Good, feel good song, needs a release.

Track 04: A Human Body

Non-Album Track written by Roger Taylor, he sings lead vocals and plays guitar.

Track 05: Soul Brother

the B-side to Under Pressure, this track was included in the bonus tracks for the newly remastered Hot Space. This is a great track which I think should have been included on the album and if it did, probably would have became a hit. PLEASE RELEASE IT AS AN ALBUM.

Track 06: A Dozen Red Roses for My Darling

Released on the ‘A Kind Of Magic’ 12″ single in 1986. Written by Roger Taylor. I reckon it needs some work, but hey, I reckon it could be a good album track.

Track 07: Hang on in There

Recorded during the sessions which made The Miracle. This song sounds so menacingly late 80’s, I like it.

Track 08: Stealin

Non album track recorded during the Miracle sessions. Only released on the Breakthru single (not US) and the US Scandal promo CD. Don’t know who wrote it, but I like it. Album, please.

Track 09: Lost Opportunity

Lost Opportunity was recorded during the Innuendo sessions. Written by Brian May. This track was only released on the ‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ CD and 12″ single. It definitely deserves an album release.

Track 10: Stop all the fighting

A video I made for the song Stop All The Fighting by Freddie Mercury. This was the B side on the I Was Born To Love You single. I like the start, it is so mid 80’s, full of all that energy you hear in the music that came out of that decade.

Track 11: There must be more to life than this (Feat Michael Jackson)

BACKSTORY: Work on the track begun in 1981 as part of the Hot Space sessions, this track is an anti-war and anti-racism song and was also to be recorded with Michael Jackson. A demo version of Jackson singing and Mercury playing the piano exists. The 2012 documentary The Great Pretender features also a snippet of a duet version, where both Jackson and Mercury share the lead vocals. This does need some work, but the demo is great. Will it be released in full glory?

So there’s my picks. Are they good? Probably not. Would it be a good one for Queen die hard fanboys? Yes. Playlist is here:

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