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Sooooooooooo, today i managed to catch up with an old friend, buy some CD’s which i should have bought a long time ago and sorted things out.

I went to Liverpool today, with my friend Regan. I have known Regan for 7 years (but have been friends with him for 6)He joined my Primary school in Year 2 (6-7 years of age) but i got to know him in year 3 and we became friends in Year four.We both went to different high schools and recently i haven’t spoken to him because we’ve been doing different things, and the fact that he lives in the next town.So i arranged with him to go to Liverpool.

While i was there, i went to HMV (A British music shop) and Swatch shop, as well as a music shop so Regan could look at Guitars, and we went to Poundland, Lego shop and WHSmith.We then got home for 12:15ish and i had the afternoon ALL to myself, due to my dad being asleep and my mum and our sam going to a park and to his swimming lessons.

So while they weren’t here, i looked proudly at the CD’s i bought (the first two Gorillaz albums)and laughed at some you tube videos i watched.I also sorted out my CD’s because i have a lot i don’t listen to, and i found a 12 year old CD that i listened to a lot as a 3 year old (Gorillaz again, coincidentally) and it STILL works. aww, all the childhood memories are flooding back again.I also found my coin collection.

The collection consists of 

  • 4 Olympic 50 pence pieces
  • a Diamond Jubilee £5 coin
  • Manx coins (from my Grandad who visited there a few years ago and also used to live in the Isle of man)
  • an original 1972 50 pence piece (they were thicker and larger
  • and various coins i have found over time

Other collections i have are my CD’s, LEGO, rocks etc. Im thinking of one day starting a train ticket collection (or is that on the borderline of hoarding?)

And that has been my TUESDAY. i’d like to know what you did this tuesday, please tell me on facebook (if you know me) or on here because we have comment sections.

Thanks for reading, more to come soon.

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