When I learned that there was snow, I was panicked.I dislike snow and having to see it will make me very sad.Luckily, it’s not sticking.

I am relieved.

I spoke in an earlier blog about my hatred of the winter weather, saying snow was the worst piece of winter weather, alongside ice.I think seeing how it has been snowing a little bit, I should talk a little bit about why I dislike the snow and the ice, and why every winter I become a hermit.

I believe that actions you do when you are young have a profound effect on the person you become.When I was younger, I liked the snow.I have pictures of a younger Ben, happily building snowmen and throwing the odd snowball from time to time.But on one fateful Winter day, going to Ormskirk town with my Grandmother and Grandfather, in the snow.I slipped and fell, and I hurt myself.It get’s my upset thinking about the ordeal actually.

That, and also falling on a hill when I went to see the Dream, have cemented in my head that the ice and snow are not for me to enjoy.It wasn’t helped by Winters passed. Snowballs chucked at me, with rocks, ice and glee.This is the major reason why I become a hermit in the Christmas period/winter period.

Life shapes to despise certain things, life teaches people to dislike things and loathe them.I hate the snow, that crystalline precipitation fills me with dread.

I have no problems with other people enjoying the weather.If you enjoy the snow, more power to you, but I have a fear of slipping and falling.Ice and snow make me slip and fall, so I hate it.

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