Sweet Temptation: A poem about Coke


I pass you most days

I wonder

How are you taking it?

All I can say is I am sorry


You gave up on me

Left me to deal with my demon.

Did I realise it was you?

I thought you cared?


You were curvy

Sweet and delicious

I can never forget those days

I had with you.


But I sit alone

You are just down there


Creeping past you everyday.


I see how you are now.

What you do

Your ways.

When I had you.




I grabbed your body firmly

A twist, you opened up

And you were inside me.

I felt you.


But now I see

How bad you are.

My mouth has a bitter taste where you were.

And I am done with you.


It is over.

Drain yourself

Your red label doesn’t entice me anymore.

I’ll have a glass of water, thank you.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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