Teenage Life


Teenage life is trouble and strife

Here we are, we will rise

Kids allowed out of their homes

Nothings planned, so let’s be free

Marty brought some ecstacy

Stacey’s house has lots of booze

Drake is playing, we all move

To the dance floor


We are young, and we are free

I spy colin, on the couch

Hand is stuck in Casey’s blouse

Mary, where the hell is she?

Getting shagged by Johnny Lee

Group of lads, in the cellar

Have a fight with Paul’s old fella

We may be kids, we may be young

Life is just a lot of fun

Mum’s a bitch

School’s a drag

Where the hell this party at?

Friday Night, at the club

Find some gals we wanna fuck

Get some buds in this place

Im so high, Im lost in space

Back at school, loads’a nerds

While we’re looking at the birds

Have pint

Have a laugh

Let’s get plastered

And that’s that.

Wake up, I feel like shit

I must have gotten really pissed

In a bed with a girl

Dogface wendy

My toes curl

Let me see

Doing fine

We meet up down the line

5 years later

Im a man!
In a band
Lacey’s dead
Shot in the head

John has kids
He’s so pissed
Bill’s a crackhead
Lynne has cysts

Party life

Load’sa fun

Come and join us


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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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