The extraction and the filling


Dentists, up until this year i had never visited one, and up until this year i thought ‘nope, never going to a dentist and i never will. Today i tell you a story of how wrong i was and why YOU should perhaps visit your dentist.

I had come home from St Ives last month, and when i came home all was fine. The next day, a sunday, i had a pain in my mouth and i thought ‘it should be fine. The pain was so intense i only went to sleep at 3am, not joking. The next day it hurt as well but by night it stopped hurting. On the monday, however, i was litrally crying in pain and we had to book an emergency¬†dental appointment. I’ll be honest, dentists have scared me for a while so it could be part of the reason why i’ve never been.

After a Doctor’s¬†appointment (unrelated to my tooth) we went to the dentist. It was either a root canal treatment or removal.I opted for removal. I was completely terrified, wouldn’t you be terrified that one of your teeth was going to be taken out. i had anasthetic to stop the pain and it worked, the tooth was removed and i was out of harm’s way. 2 Weeks later i had a check up

‘you will need 2 fillings, one is very simple and can be done in a jiffy, the other one will be more extensive’


1 week later (it came a week early) i had my appointment and it was successful.Now i have a toothpaste with double the flouride than the one you have at home and i am going back to then dentist every 3 months.If you are worried about your tooth and are worried about the dentist, i will tell you this now ‘go and book an appointment, they can try to save your tooth’. My tooth had a REALLY LARGE hole and had to be removed, don’t be like me, get your cavity filled and brush your teeth 2 times a day (3 if your conscientious) because if you don’t, you’re in for a lot of trouble.

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