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WOO HOO! September is here, on the 5th i am going back to school and there’s a lot of other stuff im looking foward to, and i also wanted to share some news with you guys on my first September entry.

Today is Saturday, this is being written on a Saturday, i am at my Granddad’s house (again) which is good, im having duck for dinner and DOCTOR WHO IS BACK ON TONIGHT WITH DALEKS! GET IN.

Sunday will be nice as my great uncle colin is coming down to visit my granddad and uncle.I’ve been in my Grandad’s house each time he has visted for the last 3 months (3 visits in a row to you and me) This has never happened before.I also go back home on that day.

Monday i might watch a DVD (see previous blog) amd that’s it really.Tuesday is my last day off and i get to spend the day by myself, my brother goes back to school the day before me, my mum will be at work and my dad in bed as he is working at night time, so i get the whole day to myself! So i will be doing stuff on that day, most likely listen to music, go to the chippy, watch daytime television etc.

And on wednesday i am back in school for the start of my final year in secondary education. I am not upset yet, as there are a few people i want to get out of my life, but i will miss some things.i might go to sixth form so i won’t miss a lot but we’ll see, it’s only September.

On you tube, i have compiled a list of some of my favourite artists, picking one song from each singer or artist i like. This is so you get a taste of the stuff i listen to, the list is very diverse and you can access it via this link

So i will leave you to do whatever now. Facebook like, Twitter Follow and do whatever you do on my space.I’ll see you soon, bye bye.

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