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I’ve been in sixth form for over a month now, and I have really enjoyed it. But it has sort of become an eye opening experience for me, and has allowed me to change my perception on life and the people around me into less of a critical light, and I would like to share my findings to a public medium.

I feel in Sixth form, it is true. You are treated like an adult,because you are a young adult now. Unlike in lower school, you are not going to be chased around by your tutors, remember your pen, don’t forget to do your homework and be on time, all that doesn’t happen. If you forget your work on a day by day basis, you’re kicked off the course. Plain and simple. I really like that, because you feel like the teachers aren’t constantly breathing down your neck, do it or you’re out of here.

The work is more challenging. This one is really a no brainer, but it is amazing how much of it is a step up from GCSE. This doesn’t necessarily mean learning completely new concepts and sub topics, like in Sociology, I know the basic facts, it’s just got more detail now than before. History is the same, you just have a lot more depth, as is German. I cannot say the same for Politics, as we don’t have a GCSE for politics (at least not to my knowledge, maybe it’s just not on AQA or something) so you are learning a lot of new things for Politics, but it isn’t anything too hard to get around.

The homework is, sad to say, a lot more substantial. You get asked to do more, read over notes, write notes, practise writing exam questions, 100 words for German, do a presentation on pressure groups. It isn’t really too hard to be completely honest with you, the key is to space it out, don’t try and do it all in one night to fry your brain, it is possible to do it and still have a social life, do it ASAP if it’s in the same week, or do it during the weekend if it’s not in ’til the following week. Don’t leave it all last minute, that will break you mentally.

I also feel, that with less people, it’s a much more personal and positive workspace. In Year 11, I had 240 something people with me, we now have 140 something people, the rest going to work, or Carmel or another college. I like the people now more than I did before, I feel as if I have improved my relations with some of my peers, granted we may never be best friends, we can be that bit closer. Also, there are newer people, from other schools (and other countries in the case of one newbie) and it’s nice to meet newer people, rather than the same old faces I have seen for 6 years now.

So yeah, there has been a lot of change which I feel that I have gotten used to. I think the thing I like the most is the respect I get from the teachers and the lower school, the Year 7’s stare at you in awe, it’s funny and I will admit, that actually makes me feel a little upset, as someone who feels he is approachable (at the very least) to come accross as scary to some kids makes me a tad upset, but that’s only a minor thing really. I enjoy sixth form, and I hope my friends do and I hope you do or will. Also, prepare to spend a lot of money either at the chippy or the 6th form canteen. Speak to y’all soon!

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