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So in the news tonight, it was reported that Merseytravel has shown its support for the Pressure group Total Eclipse of the S*n, a Liverpool based group that wants the total removal of the Sun newspaper from all local shops in the Greater Merseyside area. So where do I stand on this?

This post is going to be a hard one to write. By no means have I lost family in the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, not at all. But as someone of the Liverpool area, people around here are very passionate about their views on the matter. To the whole country, it was a national tragedy, but in Liverpool where 96 individuals suffered unfortunate deaths, that pain was times infinity, and for the families I imagine a hell of a lot more. Whatever I say on this post, it will no doubt piss someone off. But I don’t care if someone gets pissed off. If you are passionate enough to put #JFT96 on your news feed, then I am confident enough to know my readers will be as rational and as respectful as I know they are.

I don’t read The Sun. On my Politics Society page, I don’t follow it. I don’t do it out of my undying love for my city and city football team, I do it because its a terrible paper regardless. Even if it never published ‘The Truth’, would it really be that much better? Hardly. And people who are smart enough to know that its a terrible paper, then they won’t buy it, will they? And if people are stupid enough to buy it, let them buy it. Let them read that paper. Its their money they’re wasting.

So no, I do not agree with this campaign at all. I agree the Sun is an awful paper. I agree that it should not have published those things at all. I also believe that they should have made an apology MUCH sooner than they have. But banning it from our newsagents? No. It is basically censorship, no matter what way you look at it. You’re stopping a Newspaper being sold in a newsagents. If it were The Times, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, people would be up in arms. But the Sun? Shouldn’t we also ban The Daily Express and The Daily Star, with that logic? Lots of people made up stories about Hillsborough, that our Government covered up. There’s lots of people and media entities to attack. The only reason we’re angry at The Sun is that it was on the front page. That’s all.

Justice for the 96 in my eyes has been achieved. The questions answered, those responsible getting their fair share of the blame, perhaps not enough for some, but the families have had their answers. I trust that the people of this city are smart enough to not buy the sun, but we should let them make that choice. While I do believe we should forgive, we can’t forget. We must remember those we lost, but by doing this, we are not healing as a people. Liverpool must progress from this, for we have hated for too long.

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