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So I just found out that Anton Yelchin has died at the age of 27, which is a really sad thing to occur. The guy was in the rebooted star trek movies, and while his screen presence wasn’t a Pine or a Quinto, you could tell he was a young man who was building a reputation as a film actor, and clearly had a lot of mileage in the industry. While unfortunate, this is not the main focus of the post.

This post is mainly going to be about a growing and very worrying trend on Facebook, of ‘news outlets’ reporting the deaths of well known figures in the media. I recall on one occasion, a friend of mine posted a link about the death of a celebrity, I don’t remember who but we’ll say Steven Hawking. Obviously, Steven Hawking is alive, and a google check will inform you that my friend posted a bogus link. But not everyone is that cautious, especially not like me. I always check news sources to make sure something is credible, especially with the amount of ‘satirical news’ websites and other dubious places on the web. But this is really becoming a problem on Social Media.

This problem has actually gotten so bad, that I have gotten to the point where I don’t believe what people are saying until I have viewed a credible news source. It really sucks, and its a problem that people rely on social media for news. But the biggest problem are the people putting this BS up!

Now, I admit I am an addict of Social Media, but I am completely functional without it. Increasingly, this generation of kids is being raised in the era of Social media. As I am 19, I not only live in it, I watched it occur, AND I lived in a time before it was a thing. Most of my computer time back in the day was Funny Games, Wikipedia, and that was it for me. My first social media website was Piczo, where you made webpages, a little like WordPress now, but less professional and not a blog. Also I was 8 at the time. Piczo was the rage back in the day, and I used to run a website called Revolution 1, full of Emoticon sized GIFs. It really was a different time. I blame my cousin Simon, whose 4 years older than me, so he knew the stuff.

My point is that things have changed over the last 10 years, and social media on Facebook or Twitter is a big thing. A big business. And BIG money. And I am probably guilty of this, as I know I will whore this post out on Facebook and twitter more so than a french prostitute. Lots of people flocking to a fake link with a bogus story is probably going to get a lot of ad revenue. And yes, it really is sick and shameful.

I wish people weren’t that sick and seedy, but this is the real world, as shameful as it really is. Only way to beat it is to not click the link. That way, these cretins can go back to the underside of the bridge that they belong.

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