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So, I am 16 years of age. Now that I am 16, I am at the British legal age of consent for the production of babies and, if I were in Scotland, I could get married. Other things I could do is join the Army (Not going to happen). I could also drink Alcohol at a Restaurant (With parental supervision, and with a meal). I won’t be doing that.

People who have known me in the last 5 years will know that I do not drink alcohol full stop. I do not drink it at parties, at my house or in restaurants (Last time I went to a restaurant was just over a month ago when I turned 16). There are a few reasons that I give for not drinking, or experimenting with it, but I do have a main reason:

It just doesn’t appeal to me.

The glamour of drinking and the good feelings of drinking do not interest me. I won’t even think about trying alcohol, cigerettes and drugs. Why should I spend money on things that, when in excess, will probably damage me? No point.

Many of my friends have had alcohol, so I have seen the effects. It’s not really scary, and I am not a party pooper,I won’t tell them to lay off it. Watching them is kind of funny, especially when they’re all hugging each other! I would never stop someone from drinking, it’s their decision, and I accept that, just like people accept my decision. I don’t condone drinking, but I can live with the fact people drink it.

I have been offered alcohol once or twice by friends at parties, and I did consider it, but I ultimately said ‘no thank you’. I don’t drink alcohol, and I probably never will.

 I won’t get into smoking or drugs because they are something I will try and stop people from. As with alcohol, it may harm you, but if you control it, you will be OK (With maybe one or two health benefits). Recreational drugs and cigarettes aren’t the best habits to take up, and I do know people who do them both (along with drinking), and I feel worried for them. But I suppose it’s their choice to do that, and I can’t stop them.


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