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I’ll be dead in a month, apocalypse and all, all the Christians will be upstairs and i’ll be stuck with around 5 billion people. That’s a bummer.

So much that i wanted do.And now i cannot.HAD A WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF ME! and now i am about to die.Some of these things were:

  • Finish my book
  • Go to University
  • Be a teacher 
  • Get married
  • Have a son and a daughter, James and Louise
  • Go to Germany again, visit America and France, maybe Austria and Switzerland
  • Join the Labour party
  • visit London

My bucket list,  now i won’t be able to achieve my goals in life, this cannot happen to me, it won’t but it is, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT, WHY ME! I wish i could atone for my sins, please god i would do anything to atone.It’s over, everything is ending, what is the point anymore.Things, i guess happen for a reason, and all good things must come to an end.I’m ready.

In all seriousness though, the world ain’t gonna end, yet anyway.Im just tired of the theories and the idiots who believe them. A bit stupid really. also, if you have goals in life, write a bucket list, and tick it off as you go along, or you won’t have lived your life.Seize the day, don’t live in a hole,  and in the words of Hank Green ‘DFTBA’. I’m Ben Attwood, and you’re the reader.

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