22/08/13: A day that will live in glory

Photo by Ben Simpson for RHS 22/08/13
Ben Attwood getting his GCSE results.

8 am: I woke up, my alarm that I set the previous night. I get out of bed knowing the day. Results day.

If you are an adult, you may forget how it really feels to gain your results (I know I will eventually). It’s like butterflies in your stomach, mixed with dread, giddiness and fear of the unknown. Quite exhilarating. I got my envelope, and I opened it, the feeling of relief, joy and ‘win’ you can see in the picture of me on this blog is there (Thanks for putting it on the School Facebook page, Mr Simpson).

I will now tell you the results that I got for the GCSE’s I did:

Eng Language: B

Eng Literature: B

Maths:  B

Science: B

German: A

History: A

ICT OCR: B (Merit)

Media: A


Sociology: B

So, 6 B’s, 3 A’s and 1 A*, you can bet I was chuffed. However, there is a slight bitter taste when we get to the next part of the story, I had the results I needed to get into Sixth Form, and I did get into Sixth Form! But, two of the A Levels I wanted to do had a clash, these were History and Sociology. I had to sacrifice one, both subjects I wasn’t willing to give up. So I did what I feel was the logical thing. I had to Sacrifice German. So now my A levels are as follows





Law was one of 2 backup options, and the better one (the other was Psychology). I felt dissapointed that I had to do this, but I did know that this may happen, and I know other friends couldn’t do their preferred subjects (some they couldn’t do 2 of them) so me moaning about not doing German seems a bit girly in comparison. Anyway, maybe I can still do German. MAYBE. If I did do German, I would have had to have done it after school, as I was to be the only one doing it, due to lack of interest it wasn’t viable putting it in the main timetable. Maybe we could sort it out, but I am not sure as of yet.

After that though, I then got my photo taken again for my ID and then handed in the application to reception.

My family and friends who knew the results before you showed me their support and joy, and for that I am thankful. You should know I celebrated by having Dinner at The black horse with my mother, Sam, Uncle and Grandfather, and I built the LEGO model I bought in Speke yesterday (I decided to do it today because if the results were bad, I’d have something to look forward to, and if they were good, I’d have something to celebrate with).

So yeah, it was an alright day, many of my friends seemed happy with their results, though there was some disappointment, most of them did seem to be jokey about it (though I am aware some people were not so satisfied with their results, and I am sorry if they did not get what they wanted). It’s done now, I can get on with the future now. Thanks for reading!

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