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Due to talking about a half decade of memories, I am going to leave out a lot of facts and stuff, just so you know. In September of 2008 I started at Rainhill, I already knew some of my future classmates from the two inset days I had there, so I knew some of the people, especially the members of my form, G. We were assigned a form tutor in the form of Mr Walsh, who would’ve been with us for 5 years, but we’ll get into that. I knew immediately from my first week what I would excel at, what I would struggle with and who I would be and not be friends with. That’s the nature of High school, you can’t be friends with everyone, there will be that minority of people you will truly dislike, granted that initial thoughts can be deceiving, but you knew that you wouldn’t get on with everyone, and i’m glad that I was aware of this, as it allowed me to get on with ¬†establishing friendships with the people I did like. I got good grades in English, Maths, History, Languages, Geography and citizenship, though I struggled with Art and D+T, Creative topics were not for me. subjects like PE and science were mixed, while I could do certain work, both physical and academic, it depended on what we were doing and which teacher it was with.

Ben in Berlin, at a bowling alley
This was one of those oppurtunities I had in High School, going to Berlin. This was taken in a Bowling alley

I believe that I was a goody two shoes of a student, I believe that what I did I did was the right thing, and while some things I did were not popular with my peers, I decided to do it anyway because it was the right thing to do, either stay quiet and regret it, or say the truth. I almost always said the truth, because I am an honest person. In my time at Rainhill, I was barely off school, as I have barely had any illnesses, the odd 24 hour bug has affected me once or twice, but I was able to come into school, the longest I have ever been off school was a week, with the stomach flu. There was the time I had Swine flu in 2009, but that was during the Summer holidays. I ended up being in bed for 3 or 4 weeks with Swine Flu, being hot and cold, vomiting or on the loo. Not pretty. The unspecified health problem that I had occurring on and off from 2008 was rectified during this period of my life,  and involved a trip to the hospital to remove part of my body.

It was the second time this has happened, the other things removed from me were either blood or a nasty tooth (which I wrote about in one of my first few entries, as I recall). In Rainhill High, and my life in general the best things to happen to me were opportunities to do things I could only dream of when I was younger. I got to travel to Berlin, the chance to visit universities and town halls, I got to lead a house team, in sporting endeavors of all things, I had a major role in the school council, I designed toilets! The one opportunity I enjoyed the most was the most challenging. Prefecting.

I was in this role for a year, guarding the school corridors and stopping trouble. I was a senior prefect, a consolation prize for failing to become head boy. My building, A block History, was the biggest and busiest. We had a large team. Had. by the end of the first month, we had 3 permanent members, dealing with a hoard of year 9’s, this forced us to be creative. And it also forced us to be corrupt, hiring mercenaries and using force. I enjoyed that, and got me to work out differences with someone who kicked me in the stomach. Hated him, but working with him made me like him to a certain extent.

That was the High school years. I really can’t think of more to say, and if I thought of more, this blog would take forever to write. One more tomorrow, and 365 is done.

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