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365. 365 is a fairly substantial number. It’s an odd number, and also the total number of the Jewish negative commandments. This is not why I am writing this post. We are celebrating the fact that this is the 365th day of the ‘If you ask me…’ blog!

I have managed to run this blog for a full year. This is a huge milestone for us all. This is my 119th post for this blog, and I am very happy that you have stuck with this blog, and supported it for the last year.

Since I started that blog on that faithful 3rd of July, I have evolved, as has this blog. When I started this blog, it was when I started to become a much more social person, I was beginning to go out with friends more often, I was doing GCSE’s, and going out with female friends! My life was beginning to become more social!

I was also writing a book (still not finished, as of now), I was taking pictures, drawing, studying, and just being awesome.

Not only I have evolved, but this blog has had many incarnations already. It started as a public diary to share thoughts on my week, it then started to become an opinion based blog on more topics, from news, to music. Countdown to Christmas helped changed things too, it made me write more, and helped my style form. And now, I am here.

Thanks for being with me, and keep reading.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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