365: The second son of Attwood 2004-2007

This was Sam as a baby. Look at his baby goodness, and that hair.
This was Sam as a baby. Look at his baby goodness, and that hair.

You guys know why I am doing this, so no explanation is really needed. Let’s get cracking.

Back from Majorca, and knowing that a baby was coming, I was excited. I started school again at the end of 2003 and was with a teacher called Mrs Rickwood, who was brilliant. I loved her, she was boss, and taught me how to tie a tie! It seemed when I came back, I surprised a lot of people. Everyone thought I left for good, I did explain, though, that I was going on Holiday.

Anyway, March 9th 2004, after being looked after by my Grandmother and my Dad, at 19:30, when in bed, the baby was born. SAM WAS HERE! I convinced my carers that I should stay off school to celebrate this momentous occasion. My Nan (my other Grandmother) came over, and it was smiles all around. When I finally saw him, he was so tiny, and I got to hold  him, I then cried saying that I was never so happy (that I don’t remember for whatever reason).

One important moment memory is the time I punched Dillon in the nose. I ended up giving him a nosebleed, and then ended up getting sent to Mrs ‘Adolf’ Leyland and Mrs Rickwood. My Mum came in, everyone was angry at me, I gave Dillon problems with his nose and I was accused of bullying. Now, as a 7 year old, I couldn’t really defend my actions, I wasn’t as confident as I am now and I was in a state. Looking back, Leyland was wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG. I admit, I was rough housing with Dillon, but that was what we always did and still did once we made up. What we failed to mention was that Dillon was also punching me in the nose, a game of ‘smell the cheese’ which got out of hand and I caused his nose to bleed. So, Mrs Leyland, you arrogant dictator, I was no bully, and I am not afraid to say that I am not scared to say what I think about you. But, I give you credit for teaching me to be a calmer person, but Mrs Rickwood did it better.

In Year 3, I met Mrs Volk, it was her who taught me my first German phrases and words, and I thank her for that. By the time I finish education in 2015, I would have done 10 years of German, thanks to you. In Year 4, though, something bigger happened. The greatest club of all time was formed.

Regan Stanley and Ryan Mccarthy came into our school in Years 2 and 3. Though I never really spoke to them, they soon became close friends. As I was not into Football, I never really spoke to them, unless I worked with them. Dillon though was brought into their group, and soon enough, I was roped in as well, and the four of us began a thing, y’see, Doctor Who was a big hit when it came back. And us 4 liked it, we all liked it. Devoted to our new favourite show, we formed ‘THE DOCTOR WHO CLUB!’. We were the awesome foursome of the Playground, and as the group got older, it got bigger. Soon Peter Rose (my ‘Arch Nemesis’, he was a cool guy though, we were very similar), Ryan Syder, Matthew Towers, Daniel DeMarco and soon after Jordan Barkley made the club bigger. Then we had the Year two’s joining the Young Doctor Who Club (Which I headed, due to the Hierarchy of the group, Regan in charge, then Ryan M, Dillon, then me). Those days were very fun, and It’s a shame I seldom see the guys nowadays (Though Dan, and Matthew soon left the school).

This is our cat, had her for 7 years

Other things that happened in 2006 included the trip to Bulgaria, which is a lovely country which people should visit more often. This was beforeit was in the EU, and everything was so cheap. We got a LEGO toy in Bulgaria for 16 lev, which equals to about £4.00 in British money! We also had mice in the house, scuttling about until they were killed when we went to Bulgaria. In November that same year, we got Sylvia the cat. I’ve already talked about her, so no need to go into detail.

It was also at this point I joined the Helen ‘O Grady drama academy, and after school club. I was there for 5 years, and overall I enjoyed the time I had there, I met loads of friends, most of whom went to Rainhill with me, and it taught me to be more confident.

One memory comes to mind in Year 5, which was Chicken Pox. It went around the school in 2007, and I unfortunately contracted it, at the age of 10. Out of action for a good few weeks. I did come back for the last day for the party (one can not turn down any party). Sam ended up getting the Chicken pox from me as well, though that was for the best, because it’s better to get it as a child then an adult. 2007 was a sad year for me in turns of of my idols. After Steve Irwin’s untimely death, I cried, and when Hammond was in his high speed dragster crash, I cried again ‘WHY ARE ALL MY HEROES DYING?!’ I moaned. I ended up turning off the news because I feared that they would announce the death of David Tennant or that all Action man toys would be destroyed (that never happened, but they were discontinued).

Also, Mr Rowling retired. Our Dumbledore had left us, and we were all upset. Though his replacement came in September, and the changes she would make, I did not like. More tomorrow…

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