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When I was a young boy, about 3 or 4, my Grandmother bought me a gift, a gift that would change my life forever. This gift was in multiple colours, and in different varieties, 2 by 4, 2 by 2, 2 by 8. It translates in latin to ‘I assemble’ and in Danish it means ‘Play well’. It is LEGO.

I have been buying LEGO products for over 12 years, and I am 16 now. So technically I have been buying LEGO for 3 quarters of my life thus far. I bought brick buckets, I have bought a load of LEGO Space themed sets (still do), star wars, bionicles (Made a few custom ones as well), minifigures and all varieties of models (Including the Delorean).

For a while, there has been one thing I have been wanting from LEGO for a while. No, not a special set, not LEGO stores or LEGO theme parks (We have those). The thing I wanted most of all was a film based on the LEGO toy itself, on it’s unique figures, models and creative possibilities. The closest that I have got to this dream being realised were a couple of Direct to DVD films based on various sets, like Bionicles, Hero Factory and Ninjago, to name a few. I got a bit closer to this dream when The Clutch Powers Direct to DVD release was, well released. This was not what I wanted, I wanted a Theatrical release based on not a particular brand, but the LEGO system as a whole, with all the available unique themes that LEGO has made over the years.

How fitting, that coming up to my 13th year of loyalty to LEGO, that my dream is realised. A LEGO movie is to be released on February 14th 2014, with what I wanted, and a whole lot more.

This film is about, from what I can tell from the trailer, a LEGO figure called Emmet (Played by Chris Pratt) who is mistaken for the <INSERT CHOSEN ONE THEME HERE> and his battle to stop the villainous President Business (voiced by Will Ferrell). Joining him in his struggle are Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) the wise old man of the group, and BATMAN (HELL YEAH (voiced by Will Arnett) FUDGEING BATMAN). Other people in it are Liam Neeson as a two faced cop, and a whole bunch of talented cast members.

From what I read, It is a mostly CGI film, with some live action elements. I think that it is for the best, CGI is better than what it once was in 2001 (when the first Bionicle movie was released) and it has a much higher budget than the direct to DVD releases, but there is this certain quality you get when you see something that is real life, you can tell it’s real, you can see it and almost feel it. It has been constructed over half a decade, that includes animating, script writing, voice recording, story boarding, casting, getting licenses for certain sets (Oh yeah, it’s not just LEGO brand sets, there are the licensed ones too, BATMAN, Teenage mutant ninja turtles to name a few) and all other film related stuff.

It looks to be a good family comedy from the trailer, and it’s on a huge scale, some of the scenes and environments look fan-flipping-tastic. You can see that these people have made a labour of love. In fact, some elements of the film are based on fan made models. The people behind Cloudy with a chance of meatballs are on this project. Now I enjoyed that movie, so I have high hopes.

It doesn’t stop there, there will also be sets and mini figures released, which are based on the film. This is awesome! So, am I excited? No, I am SUPER HAPPY INSANELY UNHEALTHILY EXCITED FOR THIS THING I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOR ALMOST 13 YEARS. I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!


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